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This site is a tribute to Lewis Collins, the British actor, bassist, charity fund-raiser, director, drama teacher, drummer, film-maker, flautist, guitarist, hairdresser, judo-ka, marksman, motorcyclist, paratrooper, pianist, pilot, poet, scriptwriter, shodan jujitsu-ka, singer, skydiver, songwriter, voice artist...and a few other things.

Lewis started off in 1959 as a drummer, at the age of thirteen. He has had several career changes since then, however most of his work has been overshadowed by his most famous acting rôle. But he has done so much more than most people realise, and this site aims to celebrate all his other work, before, during and after the show that made him a household name.

It is a work-in-progress - we started off as a skeleton with just the bare bones, but we're fleshing it out with regular updates until it is a big, fat, comprehensive guide to the fifty-year career of one of Britain's most respected and beloved actors.

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...News and Updates...

Latest News:  28th May, 2014                                                 Last site update: 1st July, 2014

28th May, 2014
Thank you to all who sent messages on what would have been Lewis's 68th birthday. The Collins family have sent you a response, which we have added to the foot of the message page.

1st May, 2014
If you are donating to Help For Heroes in memory of Lewis, could you please use the online payment method for the time being, as there is a problem with allocating any offline payments at the moment. This is being looked into, and we'll let you know when the problem is resolved. Any previous offline payments made should be correctly allocated in due course.

10th January, 2014
Added the first page of a new Bibliography secton, featuring books that mention Lewis. The section will be expanded in time to cover further book types.

4th January, 2014
Added a new section entitled In Memory Of Lewis for all of the pages related to his passing. This includes the messages of condolence, pictorial tributes, charity donation details in memory of Lewis, and a lovely message from the Collins family to Lewis's fans.

3rd January, 2014
The F.A.Q. page is no longer suspended and has been updated to reflect the current questions and searches.

22nd December, 2013
The 2014 calendar is now available on our Downloads page.

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