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Babes In The Wood

Company: Kenwright in association with R.B. Cooper Productions Ltd.

Venue: King’s Theatre, Southsea

Performance dates: 22nd December, 1983 to 26th January, 1984

Synopsis: A traditional panto that features Robin Hood and his Merry Men trying to save the babes from the Sheriff.


Sheriff of Nottingham -Gerald Flood
The Babes-Pupils of The Carlotta School of Dancing
Maid Marian-Suzanne Dando
Nurse Glucose-Leslie Randall
The Robbers-The Cox Twins
Their Sweethearts-The Miles Twins
Simple Simon-Terry Hall
Little John and Will Scarlet-The Mosaics
Friar Tuck-Shaun Doherty
King Richard-Shaun Doherty

In its original (16th century) version the babes were abandoned in the wood by their wicked uncle - and died, but Pantomime soon saw them being rescued and returned to their parents. Robin Hood started to appear in mid-Victorian times.

"Lewis Collins as Robin Hood, adds the occasional touch of Bodie from The Professionals to please his fans, and of course is well-experienced as a singer as well" The Stage, 12th January, 1984