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Carley's Web

Transmission date: 12th July, 1987 (U.S.A.)

Lewis’s character: Alexander Prescott

Synopsis: Screwball comedy in which U.S. Government clerk Carley Fox makes a rash promise on behalf of the justice department, then coerces various dubious characters into helping her fulfil it.


Lewis in "Carley's Web"
Carley Fox-Daphne Ashbrook
Frankie Bell-Cyril O'Reilly
Guido Moretti-Vincent Baggetta
Roland Krantz Jr.-Peter Billingsley
Hector Figueroa-Bert Rosario
Celeste Hedley-Jennifer Dale
Carson Dyle-Gary Grubbs
Harold Taplinger-Gregory Itzin
Alexander Prescott-LEWIS COLLINS
Myrtle Groggins-Carole Cook
Donald Stevens-Robert S. Woods
Senator Moreland-Robert Symonds

Entitled The Misfits in the United Kingdom. Although Lewis's appearance lasts barely five minutes, he was given top billing for the British video release.